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Roller gun, To be, or not to be?

TRACTATUS. Roller gun, To be, or not to be, that is the question? (C)William Shakespeare






 .........   I make several theoretical and practical researches on the special testing platform

regarding to the  roller gun with differ setup and differ type in compare with conventional spear gun

I’d test 

1 conventional spear gun

2 classical roller gun

3 inverted roller gun

4 tackle roller gun  (polea)

5 and two  other type of roller gun with spear speed multiplexer, somewhat like it realized  on tackle roller gun


All tests was done underwater with same elongation coefficient, same shaft, same temperature,  same shooting distance,  with same quantity of rubber or exactly two, three, four,  six, eight time more rubber


By measure spear penetration depth in the block of plasticine, i can measure ballistic energy of spear  with compare with differ roller gun or spear gun setup, i can figure out  how efficient one type or setup  from another


1 All roller gun type except classical roller gun a really poor shit  coz it consume too much power with hydrodynamic loses

and not efficient at all, so do not buy a dumb ass information and product regarding to  any inverted or tackle roller gun success story  

coz all those a very poor concepts even in theory, you cannot  speed up shaft faster with any kind of system  with rubber band even if you use enormous quantity of rubber

As you may well see on diagram,  5 bands conventional  speargun can be  equal to 8 band  roller gun
so ? any benefits  to use polea ?  yet nothing,  ok what if we put more bands ? i did test up to 16 bands, but still  nothing, after you rich maximum. the quantity of rubber doesn't do any job anymore
but what is a maximum ? is a around 30 metre per second shaft speed.

coz hydrodynamic loses IN WATER can eat all those  energy stored in band as a black hole

keep in mind  you shooting in WATER  not   in AIR like bow compound or crossbow compound with tackle (polea) systems

2 And! finally my conclusion    is simple about usefulness  of roller gun:

 the only ONE reason to use classical single  band roller gun  !

is to use it for a FAST RELOAD  if u hunting on shoaling and school fish like bluestripe snapper, barracuda, codfish, mullet, yellowtail. etc. 

because if you make a good classical single band roller gun with ability of one single hand movement reload it can be the same powerful as two band conventional spear gun

and u can win a little time for reload


in case we compare  same roller VS spear gun with same amount of rubber, same elongation coefficient, same spear, and same barell longitude

That figure !

Shooting range  of good and wise produced single rubber classical roller gun EQUAL to  the two bands conventional spear gun


Is a few myth bugging around roller guns..

Like: it provide more speed to the spear, more accurate, less recoil, rollergun use much efficient energy accumulated in same rubber and shoot longer distance, much maneuverable with same shooting distance with same rubber and barrel


 well except less recoil ..the rest are just a myth


 But recoil is a no problem for those who know how to handle a gun. Roller gun may reduce recoil something about 15-25% no a big deal to me

 Long two band spear gun have  nearly same energy as 9 mm  Parabellum bullet. Every man can handle recoil of a 9 mm gun ) but man can shoot precisely  enough for 7 meters   even with super powerful shotgun 12 caliber from one hand, where recoil is really  hard, but man still  can handle it.

(7 meters is about to be a maximum shooting range under water for spear gun)  

is a several old farts who claim that the viper   effect  on roller gun is  far  less? yep! it must be so ... but even this viper effect does not make  problem for archers to  shooting up to 40 meters precisely, not to mention crossbowmen who are shooting even further,

but  once again! under the water maximum shooting range for speargun   just about  7 meters,

maybe it is  not about  hit the mark? but   about loosing the  power ?  well if we agreed about 2 bands speargun is equal to 1 band roller gun !  who a hell ever carry before about viper effect onto 2 bands conventional speargun ???  is no reason to worry about it at all. so do not listen those viper assholes....

 Regarding to two bands roller gun I’ll prefer to advice a 4 band conventional spear gun instead,

Coz! with the same power and same shooting distance  4 band spear gun definitely much maneuverable than two bands roller gun  coz such a 2 bands roller  is very fat guy.

 and that setup is for big game spearfishing where fast reload is not an important option

 Hope my research help to underwater peoples do not waste they time and money for something that is not worst it, or no suitable for they type of hunting 

  or make a wise, deliberated, and measured choose regarding to  roller gun


in fine Tractatus.

Spanish version

Russian version

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